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The typical online marketer is using at least five different suppliers every sales cycle. We consolidate and bundle these pick-ups and pack them into one truck bound for your retail distribution center, saving you time, fuel, and money. Massood consolidated shipping service fills an important gap in your logistics supply chain.

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We specialize in Consolidated Freight. 

Save time and money with Massood Transport.

If you are like most retailers (on-line or brick & mortar,) you are probably utilizing several suppliers for your goods, which means placing multiple orders, tracking several shipments, scheduling pick-ups, as well as repacking or relabeling goods before shipping them onto your retail fulfillment center. We can cut time, costs and handling by picking up goods for you, bringing them to our warehouse, then combining them into one solid shipment to your distribution center. Our consolidated freight services  can save you time and money while improving your home delivery schedule. Let us show you how…

Many freight consolidators are simply a division of an existing long haul carrier, using the same logistics warehouse, docks, equipment and personnel. The Massood warehouse facility is used solely for logistics and consolidated shipping. The only customer we are serving is YOU.

Our company has been handling and transporting furniture for more than sixty years. We use specially designed equipment and skilled warehouse personnel in a facility built to handle your goods with the care they deserve.

Your merchandise may change hands but it will never change our commitment to tracking your orders from your original supplier to your ultimate customer. Just give us the orders and we will handle the rest.

The Benefits of Consolidated Freight.

Dedicated Warehouse Space

Experience Counts.

The Massood family has been shipping and handling furniture for more than sixty years! Our experience includes long haul trucking, warehouse management, as well as retail sales. We understand the logistics business from start to finish and we are here to help you get your goods to market in the fastest, most cost effective manner with the minimum of delays or returns.

We know the challenges you face every day and we are here to help!

Dedicated Warehouse.

The Perfect Solution For All Your Order Fulfillment Needs

All orders are not created equal.

Large items require special handling. Smaller items, like accessories, may need to be taken out of bulk packs, then repackaged or relabelled.

We provide all the consolidated shipping services you will need for a complete fulfillment program, including drop-shipping, repackaging, private labeling, plus order tracking & tracing.

It is all part of our complete consolidated shipping program that organizes your supplier pick-ups, consolidates your orders, and then packs them into one solid shipment via common carrier to your fulfillment center, thus saving you time, fuel and money.

Please let us show how our consolidated shipping services can work for you and your company.

Streamline your Shipping Process and Save.

Save Time and Money with Consolidated Shipping

Coordinating pick-ups from multiple suppliers can cost you time and money, especially if one shipment is holding up the others, while multiple shipping carriers are hauling goods to your fulfillment center when orders are incomplete and backorders are clogging your system.

Benefits of Consolidated Freight

When we pick up your goods from your supplier, they are transported back to our bonded warehouse where they are protected against weather, damage, vandalism or theft.  We then consolidate all your orders and prepare for a single carrier to deliver your merchandise safely and securely to your fulfillment center.

Professional Furniture Handlers
We Specialize in Freight Consolidation and Furniture Transport

Over 60 Years Experience.

From retail to wholesale, on-line or in the store, we have been solving consolidation issues for more than six decades.

Complete Order Processing.

Safe and Prompt Delivery with our Proprietary Software System

Safe. Prompt. Secure.

We have developed a platform, which leads to more safe and prompt deliveries. This unique software system allows to better prepare, pack, ship and track your orders from your supplier through our consolidation facility, and ultimately to your fulfillment warehouse and eventually to your end consumer. 

It has been especially developed to meet and exceed customer expectations for successful order fulfillment.  It can be frustrating to run an e-commerce business. Poor logistics and deliveries are costing companies more than $450 billion a year.

The platform we developed solves these problems by giving you a means of controlling the delivery process from start to finish. You can make sure that preparations are done thoroughly for your delivery commitments.

With our unique shipping and freight platform, you never have to worry about not achieving your goals and exceeding your customers expectations.


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